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History of the Böhl Group

2007 Offical foundation of the böhl Group

2007 Relocation of the haboe Edelstahl-Systeme into a new production hall in

2005 Extension of the production area of the habö CNC Dreh- und Frästechnik
          by approximately 1.000 sqm

2003 The hebö Maschinenfabrik has international agenciens and customers in
          more than 80 countries

2000 Foundation of the haboe Edelstahl-Systeme

1999 Foundation of the habö Metallverarbeitung

1995 Relocation of the habö CNC Dreh- und Frästechnik to Rosenthal
1993 The hebö Maschinenfabrik establishes its own international
          export sales and marketing

1991 Foundation of the hebö Metallverarbeitung

1989 Foundation of the habö CNC Dreh- und Frästechnik
1979 Extension of the production hall
1978 The hebö Maschinenfabrik and its partners deliver machinery world-wide

1975 Construction of the first production hall in Grüsen

1975 First exhibition at the Hanover fair and at the trade fair in Munich

1973 Development of the world's first wrought-iron machine

1973 Foundation of the hebö Maschinenfabrik

1968 Foundation of a building fitter company by Hans Erich Böhl